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Vol9 , No 6
Wave Energy Dissipation by Permeable and Impermeable Submerged Breakwaters
Pages : 2635-2645
Authors : Yonguk Ryu,  Dongsoo Hur,  Sungboo Park,  Ho Hwan Chun,  Kwang Hyo Jung, 

A Novel Explicit-Implicit Coupled Solution Method of SWE for Long-term River Meandering Process Induced by Dambreak
Pages : 2647-2660
Authors : Xiao-Gang Zheng,  Jaan Hui Pu,  Ridong Chen,  Xingnian Liu,  Songdong Shao, 

Numerical Predictions of Pressure Fluctuations in a Model Pump Turbine with Small Guide Vane Opening based on Partial Averaged Navier Stokes Approach
Pages : 2661-2669
Authors : J. T. Liu,  Yulin Wu,  Yong Li, 

Influence of Size and Location of a Thin Baffle on Natural Convection in a Vertical Annular Enclosure
Pages : 2671-2684
Authors : M. Sankar,  B. V. Pushpa,  B. M. R. Prasanna,  Y. Do, 

Evaluation Study of Pressure-Strain Correlation Models in Compressible Flow
Pages : 2685-2693
Authors : Aicha Hanafi,  H. Khlifi, 

Investigation of the Rotor Wake of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine under Yawed Condition
Pages : 2695-2705
Authors : B. Noura,  I. Dobrev,  R. Kerfah,  F. Massouh,  S. Khelladi, 

A Semi-Analytical Solution for a Porous Channel Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid
Pages : 2707-2716
Authors : P. Vimala,  P. Blessie Omega, 

CFD Modeling of Wing and Body of an AUV for Estimation of Hydrodynamic Coefficients
Pages : 2717-2729
Authors : N.M Nouri,  K. Mostafapour,  S. H. Hassanpour, 

Large Eddy Simulation of the Flow-Field around Road Vehicle Subjected to Pitching Motion
Pages : 2731-2741
Authors : Z. Q. Gu,  T. M. Huang,  Z. Chen,  Y. Q. Zong,  W. Zeng, 

Experimental Investigation of the Free Surface Effect on the Conical Taylor-Couette Flow System
Pages : 2743-2751
Authors : F. Yahi,  Y. Hamnoune,  A. Bouabdallah,  S. Lecheheb,  F. Mokhtari, 

Effect of Impeller Clearance and Liquid Level on Critical Impeller Speed in an Agitated Vessel using Different Axial and Radial Impellers
Pages : 2753-2761
Authors : Chitra Devarajulu,  Muruganandam Loganathan, 

Stability Analysis of Twin Axial Groove Hybrid Journal Bearing
Pages : 2763-2768
Authors : V. K. Dwivedi,  Satish Chand,  K. N. Pandey, 

Effect of Side-Walls on Flapping-Wing Power-Generation: an Experimental Study
Pages : 2769-2779
Authors : Ferhat Karakas,  Idil Fenercioglu, 

Applying Different Strategies within OpenFOAM to Investigate the Effects of Breakup and Collision Model on the Spray and in-Cylinder Gas Mixture Attribute
Pages : 2781-2790
Authors : P. Ghadimi,  Mahdi Yousefifard,  Hashem Nowruzi, 

Effects of Variable Viscosity on Power-Law Fluids over a Permeable Moving Surface with Slip Velocity in the Presence of Heat Generation and Suction
Pages : 2791-2801
Authors : Kannan Thangavelu,  M. B. K. Moorthy, 

Flow of a Second Grade Fluid through Constricted Tube using Integral Method
Pages : 2803-2812
Authors : A M Siddiqui,  N. Z. Khan,  Muhammad Afzal Rana,  Tahira Haroon, 

Mathematical Model of a Constructal Coanda Effect Nozzle
Pages : 2813-2822
Authors : Michele Trancossi,  Jill Stewart,  Maharshi Subash,  Diego Angeli, 

Conjugate Effect of Joule Heating and Unsteady MHD Natural Convection in a Differentially Heated Skewed Porous Cavity Saturated by Cu-water Nanofluid
Pages : 2823-2836
Authors : Omid Ghaffarpasand, 

Capillary Rise of Magnetohydrodynamics Liquid into Deformable Porous Material
Pages : 2837-2843
Authors : Javed Siddique,  Abdul Kara, 

Influence of Magnetic Field on Fingering Instability in a Porous Medium with Cross-Diffusion Effect: a Thermal Non-equilibrium Approach
Pages : 2845-2853
Authors : Atul Kumar Srivastava,  B. S. Bhadauria, 

Effect of Radial Magnetic Field on Free Convective Flow over Ramped Velocity Moving Vertical Cylinder with Ramped Type Temperature and Concentration
Pages : 2855-2864
Authors : V. Vanita,  Anand Kumar, 

Phenomenological Features of Turbulent Hydrodynamics in Sparsely Vegetated Open Channel Flow
Pages : 2865-2875
Authors : Soumen Maji,  Debasish Pal,  Prashanth Reddy Hanmaiahgari,  Jaan Hui Pu, 

Chemical Reaction Effects on an Unsteady MHD Mixed Convective and Radiative Boundary Layer Flow over a Circular Cylinder
Pages : 2877-2885
Authors : T. Poornima,  P. Sreenivasulu,  N. Bhaskar Reddy, 

Effect of Perpendicular Magnetic Field on Chaos in a Rotating Cavity Heated from Side
Pages : 2887-2897
Authors : R. Prasad,  A. K. Singh, 

Hydrodynamics of an Extinct Amphibian
Pages : 2899-2903
Authors : B. W. Skews, 

Parametric Study and Optimization of Ceiling Fan Blades for Improved Aerodynamic Performance
Pages : 2905-2916
Authors : Ehsan Adeeb,  Adnan Maqsood,  Ammar Mushtaq,  Chang Hyun Sohn, 

Comparison of Five Two-Equation Turbulence Models for Calculation of Flow in 90° Curved Rectangular Ducts
Pages : 2917-2931
Authors : Kun Ma,  Huanxin Lai, 

Performance Enhancement of a Low-Pressure Ratio Centrifugal Compressor Stage with a Rotating Vaneless Diffuser by Impeller Disk Extended Shrouds
Pages : 2933-2947
Authors : S. Seralathan,  D. G. Roy Chowdhury, 

Variational Approach of Marangoni Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Flow with Pade Technique
Pages : 2949-2955
Authors : Murat Gubes,  Galip Oturanc, 

Contribution to the Experimental and Numerical Dynamic Study of a Turbulent Jet Issued from Lobed Diffuser
Pages : 2957-2967
Authors : A. Bennia,  L. Loukarfi,  A. Khelil,  S. Mohamadi,  M. Braikia,  H. Naji, 

Effect of Bottom Wall Heating on the Turbulent Fluid Flow in an Asymmetric Rectangular Diffuser: an Experimental Study
Pages : 2969-2979
Authors : Somnath Bhattacharjee,  Arindam Mandal,  Rabin Debnath,  Snehamoy Majumder,  Debasish Roy, 

Numerical Simulation of Steady Supercavitating Flows
Pages : 2981-2992
Authors : Ali Jafarian,  Ahmad-Reza Pishevar, 

Effect of Advance Ratio and Blade Planform on the Propeller Performance of a High Altitude Airship
Pages : 2993-3000
Authors : Zhenchen Liu,  Peiqing Liu,  Qiulin Qu,  Tianxiang Hu, 

Combination between the Inclinations of the Enclosure and the Magnetic Field Orientation on the Oscillatory Natural Convection
Pages : 3001-3011
Authors : A. Atia,  S. Bouabdallah,  B. Ghernaout, 

Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Corner Radius on Forced Oscillating Square Cylinder
Pages : 3013-3022
Authors : Sajjad Miran,  Chang Hyun Sohn, 

Study of Free Surface Flows in Rectangular Channel over Rough Beds
Pages : 3023-3031
Authors : S. H. Talbi,  A. Soualmia,  L. Cassan,  L. Masbernat, 

Numerical Simulation of Coolant Temperature Rise by Copper Metal foam Insert in Water-cooled Air-Kerosene Combustion Gas Heated Cooling Channel
Pages : 3033-3043
Authors : J. B. Ralphin Rose,  S. K. George,  K. Rashid, 

Far Field Evolution of Momentum Driven and Scalar Dominated Flow Field
Pages : 3045-3051
Authors : V. Ilangovan, 

Effects of Flexible Splitter Plate in the Wake of a Cylindrical Body
Pages : 3053-3059
Authors : S. Teksin,  S. Yayla, 

On the Effect of Aspect Ratio of Open Heated Channel Including an Active Obstacle upon the Turbulent Characteristics of a Thermal Plume: Experimental Analysis
Pages : 3061-3071
Authors : Taoufik Naffouti,  Jamil Zinoubi,  Rejeb Ben Maad, 

Effect of Horizontal AC Electric Field on the Stability of Natural Convection in a Vertical Dielectric Fluid Layer
Pages : 3073-3086
Authors : B. M. Shankar,  J. Kumar,  I. S. Shivakumara,  S. B. Naveen Kumar, 

Vortex Interaction and Roll-Up in Unsteady Flow past Tandem Airfoils
Pages : 3087-3100
Authors : H. Aziz,  R. Mukherjee, 

Asymptotic Approach to the Generalized Brinkman’s Equation with Pressure-Dependent Viscosity and Drag Coefficient
Pages : 3101-3107
Authors : Igor Pažanin,  Marcone Pereira,  Francisco Javier Suarez-Grau, 

Modeling Wind-Driven Circulation and Chlorophyll Concentration in Lake Valencia
Pages : 3109-3115
Authors : Maira A. Valera-López,  Juan Guevara-Jordan,  Reinaldo García,  Ivan Saavedra,  José Rafael León, 

Onset of Convection in Porous Medium Saturated by Viscoelastic Nanofluid: More Realistic Result
Pages : 3117-3125
Authors : A. Srivastava,  B. S. Bhadauria, 

Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of Second Grade Fluid due to Uniform Accelerating Plate
Pages : 3127-3133
Authors : A. Khan,  Gul Zaman, 

Simulation of Fingering Phenomena in Fluid Flow through Fracture Porous Media with Inclination and Gravitational Effect
Pages : 3135-3145
Authors : H. S. Patel,  R. Meher, 

An analysis on Free Convection Cooling of a 3×3 Heater Array in Rectangular Enclosure using Cu-EG-Water Nanofluid
Pages : 3147-3157
Authors : Abimanyu Purusothaman,  Venkatachalam Divya,  Nagarajan Nithyadevi,  H. F. Öztop, 

Influence of Transverse Magnetic Field on Microchannel Heat Sink Performance
Pages : 3159-3166
Authors : K. Narrein,  Sivasankaran Sivanandam,  Poobalan Ganesan, 

Characterization of Swirling Flows in a Partly Open Cylinder
Pages : 3167-3176
Authors : Malika Imoula,  R. Saci,  B. Benkoussas,  Renée Gatignol,