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Vol10 , No 1
Dynamic Stall Prediction of a Pitching Airfoil using an Adjusted Two-Equation URANS Turbulence Model
Pages : 1-10
Authors : Galih Bangga,  Herman Sasongko, 

Maximum Pressure Evaluation during Expulsion of Entrapped Air from Pressurized Pipelines
Pages : 11-20
Authors : Diana Maria Bucur,  Georgiana Dunca,  M. J. Cervantes, 

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Longfin Inshore Squid’s Flow Characteristics
Pages : 21-30
Authors : Ali Olcay,  Mahdi Tabatabaei,  Abdülkerim Okbaz,  Hasan Heperkan,  Erhan Fırat,  Veli Ozbolat,  Mehmet Gökçen,  Besir Sahin, 

Acoustic Detection of Cavitation Inception
Pages : 31-40
Authors : M. A. Hosien,  S. M. Selim, 

Effect of Reverting Channels on Heat Transfer Performance of Microchannels with Different Geometries
Pages : 41-53
Authors : Mahsa Farzaneh,  Mohammad Reza Tavakoli,  Mohammad Reza Salimpour, 

A New Approach to Reduce Memory Consumption in Lattice Boltzmann Method on GPU
Pages : 55-67
Authors : Mojtaba Sheida,  Mohammad Taeibi-Rahni,  Vahid Esfahanian, 

Numerical Study of Double Diffusive Convection in a Lid Driven Cavity with Linearly Salted Side Walls
Pages : 69-79
Authors : Nithish Reddy,  Krishnan Murugesan, 

Numerical Investigation of Temporal Variation of Density Flow and Parameters
Pages : 81-94
Authors : Fatih Üneş,  Necati AĞIRALİOĞLU, 

Experimental Investigation on Supercavitating Flow over Parabolic Cavitators
Pages : 95-102
Authors : M. Moghimi,  Nowrouz Mohammad Nouri,  Esmael Molavi, 

Flow Control of Transonic Airfoils using Optimum Suction and Injection Parameters
Pages : 103-115
Authors : Zahra Seifollahi Moghadam,  Alireza Jahangirian, 

Analysis of Interrupted Rectangular Microchannel Heat Sink with High Aspect Ratio
Pages : 117-126
Authors : Harshin Kamal,  Anupam Dewan, 

Enhancement of Mixing Performance of Non-Newtonian Fluids using Curving and Grooving of Microchannels
Pages : 127-141
Authors : Sima Baheri Islami,  Marzieh Khezerloo, 

Flow Characteristics of a Pipe Diffuser for Centrifugal Compressors
Pages : 143-155
Authors : Zhenzhong Sun,  Xinqian Zheng,  Zelin Linghu, 

Numerical Investigation of Optimization of Injection Angle Effects on Fluidic Thrust Vectoring
Pages : 157-167
Authors : Farzad Forghany,  Mohammad Taeibi-Rahni,  Abdollah Asadollahi Ghohieh, 

Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Stagnant Dielectric Liquid by the Up and Down Motion of Conductive Particles Induced by Coulomb Forces
Pages : 169-182
Authors : Ghiyam Eslami,  E. Esmaeilzadeh,  Pablo Garcia-Sanchez,  Amin Behzadmehr,  Sima Baheri Islami, 

Cross Flow past Circular Cylinder with Waviness in Confining Walls near the Cylinder
Pages : 183-197
Authors : R Deepakkumar,  S Jayavel,  Shaligram Tiwari, 

Scattering of Fexural Gravity Waves by a Two-Dimensional Thin Plate
Pages : 199-208
Authors : Sudeshna Banerjee,  Paramita Maiti,  Dibakar Mondal, 

Experimental Investigation of Laminar Convection Heat Transfer of Al2O3-Ethylene Glycol-Water Nanofluid as a Coolant in a Car Radiator
Pages : 209-219
Authors : Ghanbarali Sheikhzadeh,  Mohammad Mahdi Fakhari,  H. Khorasanizadeh, 

Prediction of Velocity-Dip-Position at the Central Section of Open Channels using Entropy Theory
Pages : 221-229
Authors : Snehasis Kundu, 

Numerical Comparison of the Parameters Influencing the Turbulent Flow using a T-shaped Spur Dike in a 90° Bend
Pages : 231-241
Authors : Mohammad Vaghefi,  Yaser Safarpoor,  Maryam Akbari, 

A Computational Study of High-Speed Microdroplet Impact onto a Smooth Solid Surface
Pages : 243-256
Authors : J. Q. Feng, 

Numerical Study on the Effect of Single Shallow Circumferential Groove Casing Treatment on the Flow Field and the Stability of a Transonic Compressor
Pages : 257-265
Authors : Mohsen Agha Seyed Mirzabozorg,  Mehrdad Bazazzadeh,  Morteza Hamzezade, 

Effect of Liquid Viscosity and Solid Inventory on Hydrodynamics in a Liquid - solid Circulating Fluidized Bed
Pages : 267-274
Authors : Nirmala sundaram,  Aswin Venugopal,  Gokul Ullas,  Yesaswini Katragadda, 

Identification of Drag Force of the Underwater Vehicles
Pages : 275-281
Authors : Yaser Jahangardy,  Reza Madoliat,  Nowrouz Mohammad Nouri, 

Effect of Geometry Modifications on the Vectoring Performance of a Controlled Jet
Pages : 283-291
Authors : M. N. Tomac, 

Heat Transfer Analysis of Flat Plate Subjected to Multi-Jet Air Impingement using Principal Component Analysis and Computational Technique
Pages : 293-306
Authors : Palaniappan Chandramohan,  S N Murugesan,  S Arivazhagan, 

Free Surface Thin Film Flow of a Sisko’s Fluid over a Surface Topography
Pages : 307-317
Authors : R. A. Shah,  P. Gaskel,  S. Veremieiev, 

Two-Dimensional Transient Modeling of Energy and Mass Transfer in Porous Building Components using COMSOL Multiphysics
Pages : 319-328
Authors : Mustapha Maliki,  Nadia Laredj,  Karim Bendani,  Hanifi Missoum, 

Similarity Solution for a Cylindrical Shock Wave in a Self-gravitating, Rotating Axisymmetric Dusty Gas with Heat Conduction and Radiation Heat Flux
Pages : 329-341
Authors : Ruchi Bajargaan,  Arvind Patel, 

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Drag Force at High Speed Diver Motion in Different Depths from Free Surface
Pages : 343-352
Authors : Mohammadreza sadeghizadeh,  Bahador Saranjam,  Reza Kamali, 

Asymmetric Water Entry of Twin Wedges with Different Deadrises, Heel Angles, and Wedge Separations using Finite Element Based Finite Volume Method and VOF
Pages : 353-368
Authors : Roya Shademani,  P. Ghadimi, 

Analytical and Numerical Studies of a Steam Ejector on the Effect of Nozzle Exit Position and Suction Chamber Angle to Fluid Flow and System Performance
Pages : 369-378
Authors : A. S. Ramesh,  S Joseph Sekhar, 

A Novel Approach for Measurement of Peak Expiratory Velocity
Pages : 379-387
Authors : Chung-Ching Wu,  Fan-Ming Yu, 

Mathematical Modeling of the Flow of Diesel-CNG Fuel Mixture in a Pipe under the Influence of a Magnetic Field
Pages : 389-396
Authors : Hasanain A Abdul Wahhab,  A. Rashid A. Aziz,  Hussain H. Al-Kayiem,  Mohammad S. Nasif, 

Force Generation Mechanisms by an Insect Wing in an Idealized Hovering Motion
Pages : 397-411
Authors : H. R. Hamdani,  Ahmad Aizaz,  Ali Naqvi, 

Three-Dimensional Axisymmetric Solidification of a Viscous Incompressible Flow in the Stagnation Point Region
Pages : 413-420
Authors : Ali Shokrgozar abbasi, 

A MLPG Meshless Method for Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Incompressible Flows
Pages : 421-432
Authors : Iraj Saeedpanah, 

Force Generation Mechanisms by an Insect Wing in Hovering Motion with Different Flipping Schedules
Pages : 433-445
Authors : H. R. Hamdani,  Ahmad Aizaz,  Ali Naqvi, 

Numerical Study of Unsteady Cavitating Flows around a Hydrofoil
Pages : 447-458
Authors : A. Bel Hadj Taher,  H. Kanfoudi,  M. Ennouri,  Ridha Zgolli, 

Numerical Study on the Magnetohydrodynamics of a Liquid Metal Oscillatory Flow under Inductionless Approximation
Pages : 459-477
Authors : Jose Amilcar Rizzo Sierra,