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Vol10 , No 2
Optimization of Swirling Flow Energy Parameters on the Velocity Profile after Local Obstacle by Firefly Algorithm
Pages : 479-489
Authors : Z. Glavcic,  S. Bikić,  R. R. Bulatovic, 

Flow Characterizations and Drag Reduction on the Hydrophobic Surface with a Full Covering Gas Film
Pages : 491-498
Authors : P. Du,  D. Song,  F. Ren,  Q. Xue,  H. Hu, 

RBF-DQ Solution of Natural Convection under the Effect of a Magnetic Field in a Tilted Cavity
Pages : 499-507
Authors : B. Pekmen Geridonmez, 

Thermal Marangoni Convection of Two-phase Dusty Fluid Flow along a Vertical Wavy Surface
Pages : 509-517
Authors : S. Siddiqa,  N. Begum,  M. A. Hossain,  R. S. R. Gorla, 

Prediction of Pressure Drop in Vertical Pneumatic Conveyors
Pages : 519-527
Authors : S. M. El-Behery,  A. A. El-Haroun,  M. R. Abuhegazy, 

Effects of Blade Discharge Angle, Blade Number and Splitter Blade Length on Deep Well Pump Performance
Pages : 529-540
Authors : E. Korkmaz,  M. Gölcü,  C. Kurbanoğlu, 

Numerical Simulation of Highly Charged Droplets Dynamics with Primary Break-up in Electrospray at Sub Rayleigh Limit
Pages : 541-550
Authors : M. Rahmanpour,  R. Ebrahimi, 

Mechanisms of Water Droplets Deposition on Turbine Blade Surfaces and Erosion Wear Effects
Pages : 551-567
Authors : G. Ilieva, 

Development of an Acoustic Metamaterials for Aero Acoustic Noise Control
Pages : 569-579
Authors : S. Rezaei,  M. Eskandari-Ghadi,  M. Rahimian, 

Micro Gas Turbine Combustor Performances in CO2/O2 Oxidizer Atmosphere
Pages : 581-593
Authors : A. Di Nardo,  G. Calchetti, 

Effect of the Number of Injectors on the Mixing Process in a Rapidly Mixed Type Tubular Flame Burner
Pages : 595-603
Authors : Y. Chouari,  W. Kriaa,  H. Mhiri,  P. Bournot, 

Laminar Instability of Parallel and Nonparallel Flows of Adiabatic Flat Plate
Pages : 605-614
Authors : Y. Mérida,  M. Jelliti,  T. Lili, 

Ferrofluid Appendages: Fluid Fins, a Numerical Investigation on the Feasibility of using Fluids as Shapeable Propulsive Appendages
Pages : 615-623
Authors : M. A. Feizi Chekab,  P. Ghadimi, 

Coupled Analysis of Unsteady Aerodynamics and Vehicle Motion of a Passenger Car in Crosswind Condition
Pages : 625-637
Authors : T. M. Huang,  Z. Q. Gu,  C. J. Feng, 

A New Formulation for Prediction of Permeability of Nano Porous Structures using Lattice Botzmann Method
Pages : 639-649
Authors : M. Mostafavi,  A. H. Meghdadi Isfahani, 

Modelisation and Simulation of Heat and Mass Transfers during Solar Drying of Sewage Sludge with Introduction of Real Climatic Conditions
Pages : 651-659
Authors : N. Ben Hassine,  X. Chesneau,  A. H. Laatar, 

Onset of Darcy–Benard Penetrative Convection in Porous Media
Pages : 661-666
Authors : Y. H. Gangadharaiah, 

A Strategy for Passive Control of Natural Roll-Waves in Power-Law Fluids through Inlet Boundary Conditions
Pages : 667-680
Authors : C. Di Cristo,  M. Iervolino,  A. Vacca, 

Effect of Horizontal Magnetic Field and Horizontal Rotation on Thermosolutal Stability of a Dusty Couple-Stress Fluid through a Porous Medium: a Brinkman Model
Pages : 681-692
Authors : K. Kumar,  V. Singh,  S. Sharma, 

Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Deformation of a Single Drop under Uniform Electric Field
Pages : 693-702
Authors : M. Akbari,  S. Mortazavi, 

Flow Mechanism for Stall Margin Improvement via Axial Slot Casing Treatment on a Transonic Axial Compressor
Pages : 703-712
Authors : H. Kuang,  S. Wuli Chu,  H. Zhang,  S. Ma, 

Length Scale of Free Stream Turbulence and Its Impact on Bypass Transition in a Boundary Layer
Pages : 713-724
Authors : J. Grzelak,  Z. Wierciński, 

Numerical Investigation of Detonation Combustion Wave in Pulse Detonation Combustor with Ejector
Pages : 725-733
Authors : P. Debnath,  K. M. Pandey, 

Experimental Study of Natural Convective Flow over a Hot Horizontal Rhombus Cylinder Immersed in Water via PIV Technique
Pages : 735-747
Authors : M. Karbasi pour,  M. Nili-Ahmadabadi,  G. Taherian,  A. Minaean, 

Flow Simulations with Ultra-Low Reynolds Numbers over Rigid and Flexible Airfoils Subject to Heaving and Flapping Motions
Pages : 749-762
Authors : D. Antonelli,  C. Sacco,  J. Tamagno,