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Vol10 , No 3
Electrohydrodynamic Instability in a Heat Generating Porous Layer Saturated by a Dielectric Nanofluid
Pages : 763-776
Authors : D. Yadav, 

CFD Transient Simulation of a Breathing Cycle in an Oral-Nasal Extrathoracic Model
Pages : 777-784
Authors : C. Paz,  E. Suarez,  M. Concheiro,  J. Porteiro, 

Numerical Studies on the Effect of Diffuser Rotational Speeds on Low Pressure Ratio Centrifugal Compressor Performance
Pages : 785-799
Authors : S. Seralathan,  D. G. Roy Chowdhury, 

Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Laminar Pipe Flow of Magneto-Rheological Fluids under Applied External Magnetic Field
Pages : 801-811
Authors : E. Gedik, 

Numerical Simulation for Freeze Drying of Skimmed Milk with Moving Sublimation Front using Tri-Diagonal Matrix Algorithm
Pages : 813-818
Authors : R. Naik,  G. Arunsandeep,  V. P. Chandramohan, 

Entropy Generation and Optimization of Laminar Forced Convection Air Cooling in a Horizontal Channel Containing Heated Sources
Pages : 819-831
Authors : M. Bensouici,  F. Z. Bensouici, 

Investigation of Corrugated Wing in Unsteady Motion
Pages : 833-845
Authors : A. Shahzad,  H. R. Hamdani,  Ahmad Aizaz, 

Analysis of Turbulent Natural Convection by an Elliptic Relaxation Model in Tall Vertical Cavities with Linear Temperatures on Sidewalls
Pages : 847-859
Authors : L. El Moutaouakil,  Z. Zrikem,  A. Abdelbaki, 

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Wiper System Performance at High Speeds
Pages : 861-870
Authors : S. Cadirci,  E. S. Ak,  B. Selenbas,  H. Gunes, 

Steady MHD Flow of Nano-Fluids over a Rotating Porous Disk in the Presence of Heat Generation/Absorption: a Numerical Study using PSO
Pages : 871-879
Authors : Z. Uddin,  R. Asthana,  M. K. Awasthi,  S. Gupta, 

Vorticity-Based Study of Apparent Mass of Body of Revolution
Pages : 881-887
Authors : X. Fu,  A. Y. Mao,  Z. Z. Jin, 

A Finite Volume Study on the Effects of Electro-Hydro-Dynamic Fluid Acceleration on Airflow Around a Cylinder at Low Reynolds Numbers
Pages : 889-897
Authors : G. Tathiri,  H. Parishani,  E. Esmaeilzadeh, 

On the Response of a Freely Vibrating Thick Elliptic Cylinder of Low Mass Ratio
Pages : 899-913
Authors : K. Sourav,  S. Sen, 

Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink and Thermal Radiation Effects on the Stretched Flow of Cylinder in a Thermally Stratified Medium
Pages : 915-924
Authors : T. Hayat,  Sadia Asad,  A. Alsaedi, 

Determining the Thin Film Thickness of Two Phase Flow using Optics and Image Processing
Pages : 925-932
Authors : G. C. Keerthi Vasan,  M. Venkatesan, 

Numerical Analysis of the Turbulent Flow Structure Induced by the Cavitation Shedding using LES
Pages : 933-946
Authors : H. Kanfoudi,  G. Bellakhall,  M. Ennouri,  A. Bel Hadj Taher,  R. Zgoll, 

Numerical Studies to Predict the Impact of Air Nozzle Position and Inclination on the Performance of Downdraft Gratifier
Pages : 947-955
Authors : P. C. Murugan,  S. Joseph Sekhar, 

URANS-Based Prediction of Vortex Induced Vibrations of Circular Cylinders
Pages : 957-970
Authors : Er. Dobrucali,  O. K. Kinaci, 

CFD Analysis for Non-Newtonian Pseudo Plastic Liquid Flow Through Small Diameter U-BEND
Pages : 971-987
Authors : Suman Debnath,  T. Bandyopadhyay,  A. K. Saha, 

Numerical Investigation of the Performance of Kenics Static Mixers for the Agitation of Shear Thinning Fluids
Pages : 989-999
Authors : A. Mahammedi,  H. Ameur,  A. Ariss,