JAFM is organized into the following units

    Associate Editorial Board
    Executive Editorial Board
    Executive Office
    Publishing Office

  The Director
The role of director is to promote the journal in the community, monitor the journal perfomance through consultation with the Associate Editors, and supervise the executive and publishing offices. In the event of a major disagreement, the Director will arbitrate between authors and Associate Editors.

  The Associate Editors
The Associate Editors play major role in JAFM. They are in charge of making the final decision on manuscript publication.The editorial processing of manuscripts (selecting referees, editing the reports and taking the final decision on whether a contribution is publishable) are the responsibility of the Associate Editors. In fact, the quality and the efficiency of the Journal profoundly depend on the scientific qualifications, competence, prompt response and commitment of the Associate Editors.
Each Associate Editor is in charge of a set of keywords, corresponding to his/her specialty. The JAFM software will automatically assigns a manuscript to the appropriate Associate Editor according to (the maximum of four) keywords selected by the authors at the time of submission. . The workload of the Associate Editors is also taken into account in the time of assignment.

The Executive Editors
The Executive Editors are in charge of supervising the functioning of the journal in collaboration with the Associate Editors. They also help the director by monitoring the journal performance, publicizing the journal, promoting it in the community, inviting authors to submit papers to the journal and refereeing the papers in case it is necessary.

  The Executive Office
The executive office monitors the journal daily and intervenes in the event of any problems or delay that may occur.

  The Publication Office
The publication office is responsible for the production of the journal. The task of the publishing office starts from the time a manuscript is accepted by an Associate Editor and continues until the paper is published both online and as a hard copy. The typesetting and formatting the paper, and solicitation of the final proof from the author(s),are the inherent duties of the executive office.Other important task of the publication office include the marketing and distribution of the journal.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

The Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics (JAFM) is an international, peer-reviewed journal which covers a wide range of theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects in fluid mechanics. The emphasis is on the applications in different engineering fields rather than on pure mathematical or physical aspects in fluid mechanics. Although many high quality journals pertaining to different aspects of fluid mechanics presently exist, research in the field is rapidly escalating.