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Vol14 , No 6 (in press)
Comparison of Pulsatile Pressure Flow through a ‎Specific Patient's Rigid and Deformable ‎Arteriovenous Fistula: In Vitro Study
Pages : 1593-1601
Authors : J. F. Rangel,  W. B. A. Santos,  L. H. Pinheiro,  T. H. C. Costa,  K. L. Bessa,  J. P. Ortiz, 

Fluid Dynamic Characteristics and Flow Distribution ‎Structure Optimization of Axial Piston Pump Considering ‎Cavitation Bubble Evolution
Pages : 1603-1616
Authors : Y. Pan,  A. H. Chen,  Z. N. Wang, 

Optimization of a Draft Tube using Statistical Techniques- DOE and 2D Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis
Pages : 1617-1633
Authors : A. C. Barkett Botan,  R. G. Ramirez Gustavo,  G. L. Tiago Filho,  E. R. da Silva, 

Effect of a Pylon Mounted Cavity-Based Flameholder on ‎the Combustor Flow Characteristics
Pages : 1635-1642
Authors : S. Nayal,  D. Sahoo, 

Effect of Geometry Design on Mixing Performance of Newtonian Fluids using Helical Overlapped Mixer Elements in Kenics Static Mixer
Pages : 1643-1656
Authors : A. Talhaoui,  B. Draoui,  A. Youcefi, 

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

The Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics (JAFM) is an international, peer-reviewed journal which covers a wide range of theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects in fluid mechanics. The emphasis is on the applications in different engineering fields rather than on pure mathematical or physical aspects in fluid mechanics. Although many high quality journals pertaining to different aspects of fluid mechanics presently exist, research in the field is rapidly escalating.