Turbulent Flows Structures Crossing Conical Diffusers: Angle Effect Analysis using PIV Technique and POD for Post-Processing
Author(s): E. Berrich Betouche, Fethi ALOUI, Jack Legrand
Keywords: Conical diffusers; Opening diffuser angle; Flow dynamics; Turbulence; Coherent structures; PIV technique; G 2 criterion; Proper Orthogonal Decomposition POD.
CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic Drag Effects on Vacuum Tube Trains
Author(s): S. A. Gillani, V. P. Panikulam, S. Sadasivan, Z. Yaoping
Keywords: CFD; Aerodynamic drag; Vacuum train; Shock wave; Navier stokes equations.
Numerical Identification of Flow-Induced Oscillation Modes in Rectangular Cavities using URANS
Author(s): Majid Mesbah, Sahand Majidi
Keywords: URANS; Cavity flow; Self induced oscillation; Shear-layer mode; Wake mode; Mode detection.
Effect of Guide Vane on Turbulence Characteristics for Single-Phase Flow through a 90-Degree Pipe Bend
Author(s): Sumit Saha, Nityananda Nandi
Keywords: 90° pipe bend; Bend curvature ratio; Guide vane; k-omega (SST) turbulence model; Numerical analysis; Turbulence ‎characteristics‎.
Comparison of pulsatile pressure flow through a specific patient's rigid and deformable arteriovenous fistula: in vitro study
Author(s): Jonhattan Rangel, Willyan Santos, Luiz Henrique Pinheiro, Thercio Costa, Kleiber Bessa, Jayme Ortiz
Keywords: arteriovenous fistula, rigid wall, deformation wall, pressure variation, flow variation
Flow and Heat Transfer Performance of Channels with 45 Degree Ribs in Staggered Array
Author(s): Zhongyi Wang, Yue Yin, Lianfeng Yang, Lanyi Yan, Yigang Luan
Keywords: Internal cooling, Numerical simulation, Ribs, Gas turbine, Heat transfer
Optimization of a draft tube using statistical techniques - DOE and 2D computational fluid dynamic analysis
Author(s): Antonio Carlos Barkett Botan, Ramiro Gustavo Ramirez Gustavo, Geraldo Lucio Tiago Filho, Edna Raimunda da Silva
Keywords: CFD analysis, Design of experiments, Draft tube, Bulb turbine, MOSA, Optimization
Numerical research on effect of base bleed type on operation process of base bleed projectile
Author(s): Wang Mengting, Changfei Zhuo
Keywords: computational fluid dynamics, base bleed projectile, base bleed type, firing range
A Model for Shelled Micro-bubble in Geometric Confinement Under Acoustics Field
Author(s): Adnan Qamar
Keywords: Shelled micro-bubbles, acoustics, geometric confinement, bubble dynamics, bubble resonant frequency, ultrasound contrast agents.
An Experimental Study on the Simultaneous Effect of Nanofluid and Tube Insert on the Thermal Performance of An Automobile Cooling System
Author(s): Amir Karimdoost Yasuri, Ehsan Soleimani
Keywords: Nanofluid; Cooling; Tube Insert; Al2O3
Vortex Evolution and Energy Production in the Blade Channel of a Francis Turbine Operating at Deep Part Load Conditions
Author(s): An YU, Yongshuai Wang, Daqing Zhou
Keywords: Francis turbine; Vortex evolution; Energy Production; Vorticity transport equation; Entropy production theory
Fluid dynamic characteristics and flow distribution structure optimization of axial piston pump considering cavitation bubble evolution
Author(s): Yang Pan, Anhua Chen, Zhineng Wang
Keywords: Axial piston pump; Cavitation bubble; Flow ripple; MSPOS; Optimization
Aeroelastic Simulation of Stall Flutter Undergoing High and Low Amplitude Limit Cycle Oscillations
Author(s): Khairil Hafizi Zorkipli, A. Abas, N. Razak
Keywords: Stall flutter, limit cycle oscillation, flow separation, dynamic stall
CFD Study on the Efficacy of Flow Diverter Stent Placement for Cerebral Aneurysms
Author(s): Y. Ito, Inheok Cho, Y. Sakai, Koji Iwano
Keywords: Cerebral aneurysm; CFD; Flow diverter stent; Hemodynamics; Flow rate
Effect of a pylon mounted cavity-based flameholder on the combustor performance
Author(s): Sanchayata Nayal, Devabrata Sahoo
Keywords: Supersonic flow; Combustor performance; Cavity flow; Flameholder
Effect of Geometry Design on Mixing Performance of Newtonian Fluids using helical Overlapped Mixer Elements in Kenics Static Mixer
Author(s): Ahmed TALHAOUI, Belkacem Draoui, Abdelkader YOUCEFI
Keywords: Mixing, Laminar Flow, Static mixer, overlapped mixer, Mixing performance,Mixer efficiency
Mechanism of stability enhancement with shallow reversed slot-type casing treatment in a transonic compressor
Author(s): Zhidong Chi, W. L. Chu, Haoguang Zhang
Keywords: Axial compressor; Casing treatment; Numerical simulation; Tip leakage flow; Stall margin
Numerical study of the influence of statistical inlet length scales on turbulent boundary layer development
Author(s): YoungTae LEE, HeeChang LIM
Keywords: Statistical inflow data, Synthetic inflow generator, Integral length scale, Channel flow, Turbulent boundary layer, CFD

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