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Investigating the influence of the inlet bypass recirculation system on the compressor performance
Author(s): Song Li, Xinle Yang, Weikang Li, Meiling Tang
Keywords: Inlet bypass recirculation,Compressor performance, Compressor design, Experiments
In order to determine the influence of the recirculation geometry and structure on the compressor performance, the compressor volutes with different recirculation systems are investigated by a series of experiments in the present study. In this regard, the compressor characteristic curves with different recirculation slot widths, positions and structures are obtained. The results show the compressor flow range increases with the width of the recirculation slot at the expense of a narrower high-efficiency operating region. Moreover, it is found that the closer the recirculation slot to the compressor inlet, the wider the compressor flow range and the wider the high-efficiency region. Surge margin in the high-speed region of the compressor with the chute intake structure is larger, while the area of high-efficiency region is narrower. Furthermore, it is observed that the compressor with an intake retaining ring structure has a narrower surge margin and a wider high-efficiency area than those without it. The parametric study presented in this work provides reference for future designs of recirculation devices.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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