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A Numerical Investigation of the Characteristics of Porous Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings
Author(s): Kemal Ermis, Ramazan SENER
Keywords: Air bearing, Porous, Vacuum preloaded, CFD, Load-carrying capacity.
Air bearings are widely used in devices that require high precision. Vacuum preloading is a compact solution, as it does not add extra weight to the bearing. In addition, the usage of porous material ensures that the pressure is distributed homogeneously to air film. In this study, numerical analysis was performed using three vacuum preloaded porous air bearings with different diameters (50, 75, and 90 mm). Air film thickness of air bearings according to tensile and compression load applied was determined with experimental methods. It was found that air film thickness increase with the tensile load and decreases with the compressive load. CFD model parameters were set to be the same as those for experimental conditions. It has been determined that the CFD model is consistent with experimental results. The pressure distribution in the air film and load-carrying capacity of the air bearings was obtained with CFD simulation.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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