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Boundary Condition Effect on Two-Phase Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer inside 3-D Microchannels
Author(s): Chandrasekhar S, V. R. K. Raju
Keywords: Two-phase flow, aspect ratio, heat transfer, microchannel
Two-phase Taylor flows play a vital role in dissipating heat effectively for the proper functioning of electronic systems. In the present study, the heat transfer performance of liquid-liquid Taylor flow was carried out in a 3D microchannel under constant wall heat flux boundary for five different cases: uniform heat flux on the four walls, three walls, two opposite walls, single wall, and two adjacent walls, and the aspect ratio of the channel varied in the range of 0.2-5. The length and hydraulic diameter of the microchannel were taken as 4 mm and 0.1 mm respectively. Dodecane and water were the working fluids in the study. The pressure distribution in the microchannel was investigated under these five thermal boundary cases and the aspect ratio effect on pressure drop was also discussed. The heat transfer rate of two-phase flow with four wall heat flux increases up to 280% compared to single-phase flow and it has been validated with the standard heat transfer correlation available in the literature. A higher heat transfer rate was recorded in the opposite walls boundary condition and the heat transfer rate was minimum when the adjacent walls were subjected to uniform heat flux. The effect of microchannel aspect ratio on the two-phase heat transfer under thermal boundary conditions was also analyzed.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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