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Multiscale hydrodynamics in line contacts with different fluid-contact interactions
Author(s): Jian Li, Y Zhang
Keywords: Adsorbed layer; Contact; Fluid; Hydrodynamics; Multiscale
Multiscale hydrodynamics in line contacts were analyzed from the newly developed multiscale flow equations by respectively considering the weak, medium and strong fluid-contact interactions. In the line contacts, the surface separation is on the same scale with the thickness of the adsorbed layer on the contact surface, and between the coupled adsorbed layers occurs the continuum fluid flow. The present study shows that when using the developed multiscale flow equations to calculate the surface separation for the weak or medium fluid-contact interactions, the value of the parameter k , which is in the important formulation, should be taken as around 5.0, different from its value 1.0 for the strong fluid-contact interaction. The study also shows that when the adsorbed layer effect plays, for a given operating condition, stronger the fluid-contact interaction, greater the surface separation. The results show the significant effect of the fluid-contact interaction in hydrodynamic line contacts in a quite wide range of the surface separation owing to the multiscale effect.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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