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Study on the impact wear characteristics of catalyst particles at 90° elbow via CFD-DEM coupling method
Author(s): Xiaofei Liu, junfeng zhou, Shuaiqi Gao, Hongli Zhao, zeyu liao, Jin Haozhe, Chao Wang
Keywords:  Catalyst particles; CFD-DEM; Liquid-solid flow; Non-spherical particles; Numerical simulation
In the process of petrochemical production, the impact wear failure of particles colliding with pipeline wall in liquid-solid two-phase flow often occur. In this paper, the liquid-solid two-phase flow characteristics in catalyst feeder of hydrogenation reactor were studied. A CFD-DEM coupling method was adopted by considering the interaction between particle-particle and particle-wall. The collision characteristics and erosion behavior were discussed under four kinds of catalyst particles. In addition, the influence of elbows’ curvature radius was also taken into account. The results indicate that with the increase of the particle aspect ratio, the erosion rate and the impact density of particles decrease while the impact velocity increases. The erosion area of the elbow mainly distributes in the middle part of the outer wall. The material loss is positively correlated with the impact force, and its maximum position appears between 78° and 90° in polar coordinates. With the increase of pipe’s curvature radius, the main wear area changes due to the direct collision and the sliding friction of the particles along the pipe wall, and the maximum erosion amount of the outer wall also presents an increasing trend due to the receding of wall buffering effect.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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