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3D Numerical simulation of turbulent mixed convection in a cubical cavity containing a hot block
Author(s): Abdelwafi Bouras, S. Bouabdallah, B. Ghernaout, muslum arici, cherif yassine, sassine emilio
Keywords: Mixed convection, Turbulent flow, Cooling, Heat source, 3D convection, cavity
Mixed convection is the heat transfer situation where both pressure and buoyancy forces interact. The heat transfer rate in an enclosure intensely depends on the combination of geometrical and physical parameters. In this work a 3D simulation of turbulent mixed convection in a cubical cavity containing an internal heat source in its middle was carried out numerically. The cavity has an inlet port at the lower left face area and an outlet port located in the upper right face area. The k-ε model is utilized for the turbulent flow regime. The analyses are performed for air at ambient circumstances (Pr = 0.71) and for different Richardson number values (Ri) ranging between 0.01 to 30 by keeping Grashof number at Gr = 109 and varying Reynolds number (Re). The effects of the variation of Ri, the dimensionless time, and the dynamic parameters on the thermal flow and fluid flow phenomena are presented and discussed. The obtained results show an exchange between the forces of pressure and of buoyancy in the studied interval, and then the correlations of the combination of the parameters were proposed.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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