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Analytical and Numerical Investigation of non-Newtonian Droplet Breakup in Asymmetric T-junction
Author(s): Mohammad Javad Kiani, A. Bedram
Keywords: non-Newtonian fluid, Asymmetric T-junction, Analytical solution, Numerical simulation, 3D, VOF
In this paper, an analytical investigation and 3D numerical simulation are presented for the breakup of floating non-Newtonian droplets in a non-Newtonian fluid. The considered geometry is a T-junction with unequal-width branches that can generates droplets with un-equal size. There is a very good agreement between the analytical solution and numerical simulation results of this research. In this paper, various quantities such as branches flow rate ratio, branches velocity ratio, droplet’s length in each branch, the whole length of the droplet, vorticity and pressure during the breakup process have been investigated. Our analytical solution revealed the values of branches flow rate ratio, branches velocity ratio, droplet’s length in each branch and the total length of the droplet during the breakup process. The results showed that the branches flow rate ratio and the branches velocity ratio were constant during the breakup process. It was also observed that the length of the droplet in each of the branches and the whole length of the droplet increases linearly during the breakup process. Also, the maximum amount of vorticity (during the breakup process) occurs in the moment of droplet breakup that the two new droplets are separated.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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