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Effects of Blowing Location on Aeroacoustics of the Flow over a Circular Cylinder
Author(s): sarallah Abbasi
Keywords: Circular Cylinder; Reduction noise; Aerodynamic Noise; Vortex Shedding
This study mainly aimed at investigating the impact of blowing jet on vortex shedding and aerodynamic noise owing to the flow over a circular cylinder. The flow simulation is performed by the URANS equations using k-ω-SST turbulence model. Calculations of the aerodynamic noise are performed through F-fowcs Williams-Hawkins analogy. The cylinder cross-section is a circle with a diameter of D=16mm and the blowing jet is applied through slot windows that are located on the cylinder back surface. In this study, three positions for slot windows are considered. Verification of the numerical results is confirmed by comparing numerical results with the reported experimental ones (Uncontrolled mode). The results showed that the optimal blowing position can reduced noise, lift coefficient, and drag coefficient, that this result occurs for a slot window located near the cylinder horizontal axis of symmetry. This is in the meantime if the blowing slot is located at the cylinder symmetric vertical axis the aerodynamic noise increases by approximately 4 dB. In this case, the average lift and drag fluctuations are increased by more than 200%. The present study gives a new idea to the reduction of noise of the single body systems.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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