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Investigation of the erosion characteristics in the distribution parts of Pelton turbine
Author(s): L. Han, Yi Wang, Gaofu Zhang, Xianzhu Wei
Keywords: Three-phase flow, VOF method, Euler-Lagrange methodology, DPM model
Pelton turbine, as its high rotation speed, can perform in the high head condition which is perfect adapted in the southwest mountainous region in China. When the flow contains silt, it will induce the erosion in the bucket and needle structure which affects the efficiency and furthermore the service life. This paper performs unsteady solid-fluid-gas three-phase’s simulation focusing on the distribution tube and needle parts. VOF method is used for capturing the free surface flow, at the same time, silt particle is simplified as the sphere particle and simulated through the DPM model. Furthermore, flow detail and erosion information are obtained by conjugating both the former methodologies. Finally, particle size is analysed in order to investigate the effect of erosion characteristic to the flow passage of Pelton turbine in order to improve the turbine efficiency.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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