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Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow in Hydraulic Filters
Author(s): Yavuz Selim Korkmaz, Ali Kibar, K. Suleyman Yigit
Keywords: Hydraulic filter, Pressure drop, Numerical study, Porous media, Darcy-Forchheimer’s law
Hydraulic filters are critical elements in hydraulic systems. Although the main function of this device is to filter oil, but the filter has many other roles in the system. In this study, flow and pressure drop in hydraulic filters were investigated experimentally and numerically. The numerical results were used for detailed analysis of the flow after verification by experimental results. The analyses were carried out using eight different Reynolds numbers at laminar boundaries in order to examine the flow in the hydraulic filter. The results show that all surface areas of the filter element are not used homogeneously for fluid passage. The resultant pressure drop is due to the Dean vortex formed at the outlet of the hydraulic filter.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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