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Stabilizing a laminar flow over a rectangular cylinder using two small rotating cylinders
Author(s): Masoud Najafi, Mohsen Goodarzi
Keywords: Rectangular cylinder, Rotating controller, Stabilizing, Vortex shedding, Laminar flow
The effect of the presence of a pair of rotating controllers on the flow field around a rectangular cylinder has been investigated in the laminar flow with Re=150. Drag and lift coefficients of the rectangular cylinder have been measured for several positions of controller system. Numerical results show that when the controller system is installing at a suitable position, it suppresses the vortex shedding completely and decreases the drag coefficient of the cylinder by 16%. It was found that the controller system could decrease the rotation speeds of the separation bubbles so that they remained in attached to the cylinder. Besides, the effectiveness sensitivities of the optimal position of the controller system to its rotation speed and Reynolds number were analyzed. These analyses show that the optimal position of the controller system, i.e. r/a=5 and =90o, can stabilize the flow over the cylinder when rotation speed of the controller system and Reynolds number change by less than 50%.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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