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Thermal enhancement effects of buoyancy driven heat transfer of hybrid nanofluid confined in a tilted U-shaped cavity
Author(s): Muhammad Solleh Asmadi, Ruhaila Md Kasmani, Zailan Siri, H. Saleh
Keywords: Natural convection, Thermodynamics, Hybrid nanofluid, U-shaped enclosure, Inclination
The numerical analysis of buoyancy-driven heat transfer of copper-alumina/water hybrid nanofluid in a U-shaped cavity under the influence of cavity inclination is studied in this paper. The dimensionless governing equations are formed by using dimensionless variables. The domain is discretised to a finite number of the Lagrange three-node triangular element, and the Galerkin-weighted residual finite element method with Newton-Raphson method is employed to solve the problem. Numerical and experimental validation of the previously published data is conducted with the present results to ensure numerical stability and reliability. The effect of the inclination angle on the heat transfer rate of the cavity is extensively explored in the manuscript. The streamlines, isotherms, local and average Nusselt numbers as well as the vertical and horizontal velocity of the fluid are plotted for the fluid flow with Rayleigh number of 10^4 to 10^6. The analysis of the effect of fluid velocity on the fluid flow and thermal distribution pattern are discussed with relation to the overall heat transfer capability within the domain.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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