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A choking cavitation method and equipment for degrading pollutants in liquids
Author(s): Zhineng Wang, Rizhao Gong, Hui Long, Heng Liu, Gu Cheng, Fenghua Zhang
Keywords: Cavitation, Choking flow, Degradation, Throat, Pollutants
A cavitator, with a structure of an annular conical aperture, a throat and a collapse cavity, was proposed to form a choking cavitation flow for pollutants degradation in wastewater treatment. Experiment was conducted in this new cavitator to investigate its flow characteristics and pollutant degradation ratio by employing Mythylene bule (MB) as a pollutant in pure water. It was found that choking cavitation flow appears in the throat by controlling the pump pressure and liquid flow rate in a rule. The pollutant degradation ratio in choking cavitation flow is much larger than that in normal cavitation flow, because plenty of cavitation bubbles are born, grow up, and finally collapse in this cavitator in the choking cavitation condition. Geometry diameters also affect pollutant degradation ratio, and the optimal geometry diameters for this proposed cavitator are suggested as: throat diameter 10 mm, throat length 40 mm, annular conical slot angle 160, and equivalent diameter 5.4 mm.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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