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Study of the Behavior of a Vertical Axis Eolic Turbine with Articulated Blades
Author(s): Ramiro Gustavo Ramirez Gustavo, Willmari Dayana Suárez, Geraldo Lucio Tiago Filho, David Cardoso Netto, Luiza Fortes Miranda, Gil Vanconselos
Keywords: VAWT, Articulated blade, CFD, Experimental test
This work presents the results of the development of a vertical axis wind turbine composed of variable geometry, plane blades, applied in operations with low wind speeds. The new concept of vertical axis wind turbine with variable opening blades is presented as an innovative prototype where mechanical details are important for the natural control of the openings of the blades. Theoretical, numerical and experimental analyzes are performed in the turbine called DEC® with the aim of determining the aerodynamic characteristics. An analysis of the behavior of the DEC® turbine consists of a numerical study carried out to calculate or drag coefficient, considering a range of opening positions of the opening at each moment to determine the power coefficient. A second numerical approach is to analyze the moment caused by the interaction between all the turbine blades, in which the effects of energy dissipation caused by the flow mats are considered. Then, the theoretical, numerical results are validated by tests performed using a model in the open wind tunnel, where the prototype is subjected to different wind speeds while maintaining rotation control. Suggestions are made to improve the mechanical and aerodynamic design of the innovative prototype. Finally, the DEC® turbine is expected to serve as an inspiration for creating other mechanical forms of passive or active control to improve variable aerodynamics applied in low-speed conditions.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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