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Generation of stable linear waves in shallow water in a numerical wave tank
Author(s): Surendra Singh Yadav, Pradip Deb Roy
Keywords: Numerical wave tank, Stable wave generation, Inflow method, Linear wave, Shallow water
This paper aims to investigate numerically linear stable waves at low wave steepness in shallow water using ANSYS Fluent software. The authors mainly determined how, when, and where a linear wave will reach its stable state in shallow water. The finite volume method is used to solve the Navier-Stokes equations. The inflow velocity method and the Dirichlet boundary condition are used to generate the desired waves and used numerical damping at the end of the tank to reduce the reflection of the wave. Accuracy and stability are judged based on the wave height variation between the CFD results and the analytical results. The test has been conducted in four different cases (Case 1, Case 2, Case 3, and Case 4). Wave evolution and particle velocity are obtained in the velocity field to understand the wave stability in the numerical wave tank. Numerical model-data comparisons are made in terms of the free surface elevation and velocity time series. The results have revealed that the accuracy, stability, and consistency of the linear waves are in good agreement with the analytical solution of the free surface in terms of relative error, which is 1.43% for Case 3. This research is a highly relevant source of information in realistic wave generation to design various practical systems such as wave energy converters, offshore marine structure, and many ocean engineering problems.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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