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Investigation of Flow in the Flanged Diffuser for a Shrouded Wind Turbine by Particle Image Velocimetry
Author(s): Akın İlhan, Sergen Tümse, Mehmet Taşçı, Mehmet Bilgili, Besir Sahin
Keywords: Flow velocity enhancement, Particle image velocimetry, Wind power generation
Determining the flow structure in the flanged diffuser for a shrouded wind turbine plays a vital role in improving efficiency in small-scale wind turbine technology. In this study, the flow structure in the flanged diffuser was investigated in terms of flow velocity increase in the vicinity of the shrouding body by using particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements. The dimensionless magnitude of the resultant velocity outputs shown at downstream and up radial regions as well as at the flange downstream of the curved type of wind turbine casing configuration revealed that cited resultant velocity was increased by a factor reaching 1.5. This increase of the wind velocity will result the wind energy on the rotor blades to be enhanced by 3.38 times more. By this designed shrouding component that will be applied to micro wind turbines, it is aimed to start the power generations in these turbines at a lower value of cut-in wind speed value.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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