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Numerical Investigation of Ducted Fuel Injection Strategy for Soot Reduction in Compression Ignition Engine
Author(s): Ramazan SENER
Keywords: Ducted Fuel Injection, Leaner Lifted Flame Combustion, CFD, Soot.
The ducted fuel injection strategy is a method that significantly reduces soot emissions in direct injection compression ignition engines. Fuel is injected into the combustion chamber through a duct enhancing the air-fuel mixture. It guarantees more efficient combustion and less soot formation by reducing the equivalence ratio at the autoignition zone inside the combustion chamber. In this study, the effects of the duct fuel injection were numerically investigated on combustion, performance, and emission of the direct injection compression ignition engine. The duct geometries with varying diameters, lengths, and stand-off distances were examined to find the most appropriate size using an experimentally validated CFD model and detailed soot model. Results show that up to 66.7% reduction in soot emissions were observed usage of the ducted fuel injection strategy compared to conventional diesel combustion. In addition to reducing soot emissions, the ducted fuel injection strategy reduced CO and HC emissions by 20.4% and 7.8%, respectively. While the ducted fuel injection strategy reduces emissions, it does not decrease engine performance, on the contrary, it increases Gross IMEP by 0.58%. Thus, the ducted fuel injection strategy promises to meet emission standards without the need for exhaust after-treatment by optimizing the duct geometry.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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