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Comparison of the models for multiscale mixed hydrodynamics in a line contact
Author(s): Wei Lin, Jian Li, Y Zhang
Keywords:  Contact; Hydrodynamics; Mixed rheology; Model; Multiscale
Two models are compared for calculating the surface separation in a mixed hydrodynamic line contact for the same operating conditions. In the studied line contact, the surface separation is very low so that the effect of the adsorbed boundary layer is significant. Model I principally takes the continuum fluid film as intervening between the two adsorbed boundary layers. Model II takes the continuous phase transition both along the flow direction and across the whole surface separation; in this model, in the Hertzian contact zone is only present the adsorbed layer, while in most of the inlet zone is only present the continuum fluid film (with the adsorbed layer ignored). The calculation results show that for the same case these two models give the close surface separations. The equivalence of these two models is substantiated.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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