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Very-Large-Eddy Simulation of Nonreactive Turbulent flow for Annular Trapped Vortex Combustor
Author(s): Kai Zhang, Yi Jin, Xingsi Han, Xiaomin He
Keywords: hybrid RANS-LES method, Very Large Eddy Simulation, trapped vortex combustor flow
A new hybrid RANS-LES method is applied in this work. It called the VLES turbulence closure model. This present study aims to validate the accuracy of this method for a specific engineering application (Trapped Vortex Combustor) and secondly to describe its flow characteristics. The Trapped vortex combustor is a new concept utilizing a large recirculation vortex to stabilize the flame. Accurate prediction of the turbulent flow is meaningful for the Trapped Vortex Combustor. The time-averaged velocity, root-mean-square (RMS) velocity, and flow pattern are compared with the experiment data. Furthermore, the LES model, RANS BSL k-ω model, RANS k-ɛ model are also applied for the simulation with different mesh resolutions. The results show that the new VLES BSL k-ω model gives good accuracy for the velocity prediction over the RANS model. The classical large vortex structure for the Trapped vortex combustor is captured qualitatively by the VLES BSL k-ω model also. Besides, vortex breakdown and processing vortex cone are visualized by Q-criterion. Furthermore, the new VLES BSL k-ω model is not sensitive to the gird resolution. The new VLES method is able to predict the Trapped vortex combustor turbulent flow quite well.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

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