Review Process in JAFM
JAFM is an online Journal and every action takes place using the JAFM website and software. However, the final accepted papers are published both as hard copies and on line. When a paper is submitted by a corresponding author, it normally takes nearly one week for the JAFM Co-Editor to evaluate the submitted paper in order to check if it conforms with the scope of JAFM and if it has enough innovation and the other requirements as a research paper. JAFM publishes research papers in Theoretical, Numerical, and Experimental Fluid Mechanics fields. The papers which do not fall into the above categories are rejected and the authors are notified immediately.
In the review process, the papers are assigned to 5 to 8 well-informed referees whose specialties are close to the scope of the paper.
The referee have two weeks to indicate whether they are willing to review the paper or not. If not they decline reviewing the paper, they are excluded from the list of referees of the paper.
The referees, who accept to review the paper, are given one month to review the paper and send their comments via the JAFM website. If comments are not received on time, the reminders are send to the referees monthly. In case a referee does not respond after two reminders, the paper will be assigned to new referees by the JAFM Editor.
In general, more than two comments are required for finalizing the paper. If the comments made by referees are contradicting, the Editor may send the paper to a new referee for his/her opinion. In the final steps, the Editor-in-Chief reviews the paper and the referees’ comments and decides about the paper. In most of the cases, when there are positive opinions about the paper, it is sent back to the corresponding author to revise the paper. In any case only the papers which satisfy all the referees comments or respond to the referees in a logical way will be accepted.
The authors are given three months for sending the revised version (based on reviewers comments), rebuttals and the copyright form. They are required to answer all the referees comments one by one, and provide rebuttals in which they have explained the modifications they have made based on reviewers comments. The modifications should be highlighted in the final revised version submitted.
The Editor-in-Chief evaluates how the author responded the reviewer comments and decides the publication of the paper based on the author’s responses and the revised version of the paper. Prior to the acceptance of a paper and as a final step, the paper is checked with iThenticate, a powerful plagiarism detection software, in order to guarantee the quality of papers being published in JAFM. The papers with 20% or more similarities with any other published journal papers are rejected.

Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics

The Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics (JAFM) is an international, peer-reviewed journal which covers a wide range of theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects in fluid mechanics. The emphasis is on the applications in different engineering fields rather than on pure mathematical or physical aspects in fluid mechanics. Although many high quality journals pertaining to different aspects of fluid mechanics presently exist, research in the field is rapidly escalating.